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I'm a portrait and animal photographer, currently based in Blue Ridge, Georgia.  In my free time, I volunteer at local shelters to take adoption photos

For booking info or any inquiries, email

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As a portrait photographer, I strive to create unique, artistic images for my clients. I would be happy to talk with you about setting up a custom portrait session. I specialize in child portraits, but I also take senior portraits, family photos, engagements, and more. I'll even do the occasional wedding. And of course, I'm always more than glad to include pets in your photos! My goal is to create beautiful frame-worthy images for you. 


For my day job, I work at Project Chimps, a sanctuary for chimpanzees retired from research. You can see some of my chimp portraits on Instagram and on my National Geographic Your Shot portfolio. Being on the care staff at the sanctuary gives me the opportunity to get to know the chimpanzees as individuals and to earn their trust. I try to convey that in their portraits. 


Photography workshops are offered for groups or individuals, based on your needs. I cover learning to shoot in manual mode, how to set up shots, and editing in Photoshop. Classes are offered for beginner through professional levels. Click here for more info.